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Ways To Save On Auto Insurance For Limousines

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Auto insurance policies that cover limousines cost more than insured standard sedans, but covering a limousine can still be affordable. If you have a limousine to insure, here are some ways to save on an auto insurance policy that will cover the vehicle.

Install a Video Camera

Installing a video camera system mounted directly to your limousine can help reduce the risk of theft or vandalism, and this can have a couple of positive effects on your auto policy's premiums.

First, many insurance companies will provide a discount if your limousine is outfitted with a video camera system. The discount is often a certain percent off relevant coverages, so the total amount saved can add up over time. Often, the total savings will eventually eclipse the cost of a system and make this an obvious money-saving move.

If you want to take advantage of a potential discount, you should contact your insurance carrier before selecting a video camera system. The carrier might have specific requirements that a system must meet in order to qualify for a discount, and you will want to know what those requirements are before you go shopping for cameras.

Second, a camera system will minimize the chances that you need to file a break-in claim against your limousine's auto insurance policy. One factor insurers consider when setting premiums is past claims history, and not filing claims is a good way to keep your premiums from rising substantially and suddenly.

Implement a Substance Testing Program

Putting a substance testing program in place can also help you reduce the likelihood that you need to file a claim against your limousine's auto insurance policy. 

Drivers under the influence of a substance are much more likely to be in an accident, and any accident claim will likely also cause your policy's premiums to go up. You can reduce the chances of accidents and claims by using a substance testing program to ensure that drivers do not abuse anything that could hinder their driving abilities.

Should you use a substance abuse program, make sure the program targets the use of cannabis, alcohol, and illegal substances. All of these can impair a driver's abilities.

Enroll Drivers in Training Programs

Driver-training programs can further improve on-road safety and lead to a lower frequency of accident claims. For a driver training program in your area, ask your insurance company what limousine training programs they recommend.