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3 Things You Must Know About SR22 Insurance

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SR-22 insurance is not something that every driver needs, but it is something that some drivers must purchase. If you encounter a DUI charge or any other type of major driving violation, you might find yourself in a position where you need it. If so, you will need to buy a plan quickly. If you are not familiar with SR-22 insurance but believe that you need it, here are three things you should know.

You Will Receive a Notification

You should never have to guess if you need SR-22 insurance. Instead, you should receive a notification about this requirement. The notification can come from one of two places, though. The first place that may notify you is the court. If you face criminal charges for DUI or something similar, the judge in your case may tell you that you need SR-22. If the judge tells you this, it means that the court is ordering that you must get it if you want to keep driving. You cannot violate this order.

The second place is the state. Your state can set this requirement if the court does not. If this is the case, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will send a notification in the mail. You can also see the requirement by looking up your driver's license online.

Reasons You Need It

The second thing to know is the reasons that states and courts require SR-22 insurance coverage. The primary reason a person needs SR-22 insurance is to ensure that a high-risk driver has the necessary coverage. When you are a high-risk driver, carrying this policy ensures that you keep the necessary coverage you need. If you forget to pay your insurance bill, the DMV will know and will suspend your driving privileges.

Ways to Purchase a Policy

Finally, if you need SR-22 insurance and want to abide by the rules in your state, you must buy a policy. So, where do you go to purchase SR-22 insurance? You can talk to an auto insurance company about this coverage. This coverage is not something that every agency sells, though. If you call a company that does not offer it, they may recommend who you can call to get the coverage you need.

If you have questions or need advice about SR-22 insurance, contact an auto insurance agent today. An agent can give you a quote for coverage and answer any questions you have. 

For more information on SR-22 insurance, reach out to an agency.