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Summertime Risks Your Homeowners' Insurance Will Cover

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Summertime brings some unique risks that aren't as relevant at other times of year, but homeowners' insurance policies keep you well-protected during the warmest months of the year. If you have homeowners' insurance in place, here are some common summertime risks that your policy offers financial protection against.

Your Grill Causes a House Fire

Grilling is a fun way to cook outdoors, but grilling too close to your home can lead to disaster. The heat that a grill generates can catch the side of your house on fire if you light the grill up to close to your home. 

Should you grill your home to the ground, your homeowners' insurance will cover the fire damage (as well as any injuries sustained during the event). Fire coverage is a standard part of most home insurance policies.

Wind Rips Up Your Home's Roof

Summer can bring some strong storms, and the wind of a storm is liable to cause roof damage. If your home has a shingle roof, strong wind gusts can get under the flaps of shingles and rip them apart. Even if you have a metal roof, wind can still cause tree branches to fall on your roof and dent or puncture it.

If your home is damaged in a thunderstorm or another major weather event, homeowners' insurance will likely cover the damage. Coverage for wind damage isn't as universal as fire protection is, but wind damage coverage still is widely available.

Your Dog Bites Someone

If you let your dog off-leash during the nice weather, you never know exactly what the pooch might do. Even well-trained dogs can snap and bite someone if provoked. If your dog ever were to bite someone, you could be held financially responsible for the injured person's medical expenses (and possibly other costs).

Another standard protection in homeowners' insurance policies is personal liability coverage. This coverage will help pay legal defense fees and settlements if you're sued over a covered incident, and dog bites are often covered by policies.

Burglars Break into Your Home

While burglars might break into your home at any time of year, the risk of a break-in goes up if you take a summer vacation. If you leave your home for an extended amount of time, the vacancy makes your home more attractive to potential thieves.

Home insurance covers break-ins, and your policy will help pay for both the damage to your home and possessions that you lose if your home is broken into.

To learn more, contact a company that offers homeowners' insurance.