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Buying A Safer Car Can Help You Save On Car Insurance Costs

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The kind of car that you drive can impact your auto insurance policy rates. If your current car is reaching the end of its life and you're beginning to shop around for cars, you need to do more than just consider the reliability and look of the new vehicle that you get. You should also look into the safety features that are present. When buying a new car, you have the opportunity to choose a vehicle that can save you money on car insurance while also keeping you safe when driving. Keep reading to see how a safer car can help you save on car insurance costs.

Anti-lock breaks: This used to be an optional feature for vehicles, and not all car models had it. But starting in 2012, this feature became available in all cars. This feature helps to avoid the brakes from locking up when a driver forcefully uses the breaks to avoid a collision. 

Airbags: Having several airbags is a big safety feature in a vehicle and can prevent serious injury during a collision. When your vehicle has airbags in more places than just the driver or front passenger seats, you may be able to save more money on the cost of our car insurance premium.

Anti-theft device: An anti-theft device, especially an automatic one where the driver needs to do nothing to activate it, is a big safety feature. This feature may allow you to save on car insurance costs. 

Lane-departure warning systems and collision-avoidance systems: If you're buying a newer car, it will likely have more innovative safety features in place. For example, it might have a lane-departure warning system and a collision-avoidance system. You can save money on car insurance costs since these features protect you when you're driving. 

These are some of the safety features that may be able to help you trim your car insurance policy price, while also being safer. Always check to see what the cost would be to insure a car BEFORE you buy it. You may also consider purchasing a vehicle outright to save on car insurance costs. If you get an auto loan, you'll be paying higher costs to insure the vehicle since you still owe money to the lender and the car is not yet paid off in full. 

If you're ready to get a car insurance quote for a new car that you're considering buying, reach out to a car insurance agent in your area to learn more and to price a policy.