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Truckers Insurance Types You Should Consider

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If you are a trucker, whether you are an owner-operator or work for a company, you need trucker insurance. It doesn't matter what type of truck or rig you drive. You will not be allowed to drive a truck on the road without it. However, there are different types of liability insurance depending on whether you are a driver or run a trucking company. Plus, many other options are available for other unique circumstances. Here is more about the main types of truckers liability insurance as well as some of the extras available depending on your situation.

Liability Insurance Coverage

Trucker liability insurance generally comes in two different forms.

Primary Liability

Primary liability is the bare minimum truckers need to drive a commercial truck. This is required by federal law. It covers you if you cause injury or property damage to another party while you are operating your truck. It does not cover other liabilities related to the work you do outside of driving the truck.

General Liability

General liability covers not only you for liability when you drive, but also activities related to you using your truck. For example, general liability covers unloading your truck on someone else's property, or injuries or damage at a truck stop. It can also cover your business against false advertising or libel.

Physical Damage Coverage

Liability will only cover your actions against another party, not the damage to your truck. If your truck gets into an accident or is damaged by a falling object or debris on the road, then property damage coverage comes into play. It will also cover vandalism and theft. Think of this as collision coverage for your truck.

Bobtail Coverage

Bobtail coverage protects you during those times that you need to drive your truck, but not specifically while on business. For example, it covers you when you drive an empty trailer back after the delivery, or when you drive home after work. This is not the same as non-trucking use coverage. That type of insurance covers you when you use your truck for personal use. For example, if you also use your truck to run errands or do recreational activities.

If you want to drive a truck, then you must be insured. Insurance provides, at the minimum, liability protection if you get into an accident. Since truckers have a unique situation compared to other types of drivers, make sure you get the right coverage. The best way to do this is to contact a truckers insurance broker who knows the trucking business.