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How Can a Flood Damage Claims Adjuster Help You?

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Flood damage is unpredictable and unavoidable. It's important to have flood insurance if you live in an area that's prone to hurricanes and flash floods. However, you may also need the assistance of a flood damage claims adjuster if you experience flooding. A flood damage claims adjuster is a professional unaffiliated with any insurance company. For that reason, they can work as a liaison between you and your insurance company. Here are four ways a flood damage claims adjuster can help you:

1. Ensure you file the right type of claim.

Flood damage is a distinct type of damage that is caused by a natural disaster outside of human control. If you attempt to file a claim with the insurance company yourself, you may accidentally submit the wrong type of claim. Water damage and flood damage are commonly confused, but water damage is often the homeowner's fault. Leaking pipes or an overflowing toilet can cause water damage. On the other hand, flood damage is never the homeowner's fault. A claims adjuster will file a claim using the correct language, which will help you avoid unnecessary claims rejections.

2. Take a thorough inventory of all the damage.

Floods cause primary and secondary damage. Primary damage refers to anything that was directly damaged by the initial floodwaters. Severe floods can carry away cars, break structures, and ruin personal belongings. Secondary damage occurs when the floodwaters recede but moisture is still present. Mold is a common secondary effect of flooding which requires remediation. A flood damage claims adjuster will carefully take stock of everything that was damaged by the flood. They will take into account both primary and secondary damage and create a claim that accurately reflects the financial impact of the flood on your household.

3. Document damage appropriately.

Insurance companies require proof of flood damage before they'll accept any claims. They will require photo documentation in addition to written reports. Poorly lit or blurry photos can lead to delays or even a denial of your claim. Your flood damage claims adjuster will document the damage to your home using their camera.

4. Ensure your claim gets processed faster.

Claims adjusters have created numerous claims for various clients throughout their careers. They can create your claim quickly following their appraisal of your property. Since adjusters have the expertise needed to create succinct, professional, and accurate claims, your claim is likely to get processed and approved faster. This can be a great relief for any family who needs their insurance money quickly.