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Misconceptions About Fire Damage Insurance Claims That Cost Homeowners In The Long-Term

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A fire can be devastating to everyone involved, and the effect on your house can be detrimental. At some point, a fire damage claims adjuster will be sent from the insurance company to assess the damage to report back to the insurance company. Here are a few misconceptions about this process that can be problematic.

Misconception: It is okay to wait a while to schedule a visit from the claims adjuster.

Any time you have a fire in or around your home, it is important to have the damage looked at right away. The longer you wait, the more the damage that is present can get worse after a fire. For instance, if a fire burned a hole through your roof, you will not only have fire damage but water damage as well since water makes its way inside the house every time it rains. It is best to have the fire damage insurance claims adjuster come to your property as quickly as possible.

Misconception: You don't need to have your home examined if a neighbor's home was on fire.

If a neighbor's house catches on fire and is in close proximity to your own, it is always best if you have your home assessed for damage as well. The immense amount of heat that can radiate from a house on fire is intense enough that it could cause damage to your own home from a distance. Go ahead and talk to your neighbor about the situation and contact their insurance company to have a claims adjuster take a look. 

Misconception: It is best to get estimates from professional restoration companies first. 

It is a good idea to have professional restoration companies take a look at the damage to your home caused by the fire to compare the quotes to the damage the claims adjuster states they find. However, it is best to get the house looked at by the claims adjuster first, and then get damage quotes to submit to the insurance company.

Misconception: It doesn't matter if the claims adjuster has fire damage experience.           

You do want a claims adjuster who has extensive fire damage experience. Damage to a home is unique to the disaster; the damage that results from a fire can be drastically different from other forms of damage. If the insurance company recommends a public adjuster, it doesn't hurt to check out their background first.