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Do You Need Car Insurance? Consider The Risks Before Going Without

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If the car you drive is not worth a lot of money, you might wonder if you need to buy an auto insurance policy for protection. Many people wonder this, but there is an answer that is always true. You should always buy car insurance if you want to drive a car, and you can learn more about the reasons for this by considering the risks. Here are the risks you take if you drive a car without insurance.

You Could Get a Ticket

The first risk you take is getting a ticket. If the police pull you over for a traffic stop, they will ask for proof of insurance. If you cannot produce proof of coverage, they can give you a ticket for driving without insurance in many states. Insurance is something most states require for vehicles, and driving without a policy can lead to tickets, which costs money.

You Could Lose Your Driver's License and Face Other Legal Consequences

The second risk is other legal problems, including losing your driver's license. If you already have items on your driving record and get caught with another violation, you could lose your privilege to drive. Additionally, you might also go to jail. If a person's driving record has many violations, including a DUI or something serious, one more issue could lead to a free trip to jail.

Someone Might Sue You for Damages

Next, you should consider what would happen if you cause damage to another vehicle. Imagine, too, if you caused injuries to other people through a car collision. These individuals would expect you to pay for their damages and injuries. If you had insurance, your policy would pay these things. Without insurance, you are responsible for all the damages you cause to other cars and people.

You Could Lose Everything You Own

If you experience an accident and get sued for it, you risk losing everything. You might have to sell your house and everything in it to pay the bill. Are you willing to risk losing all the things you own? If not, you may want to talk to a car insurance agent to learn more about the options you can choose from with an auto insurance policy.

While you might not think you need car insurance if your car is not valuable, but you do. If you would like a quote for coverage, contact an auto insurance company today.