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Complete Your Bundle: Why You Need Renters Insurance

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If you don't have renters insurance yet, now's the time to add that to the bundle. You might have auto and health insurance, but that doesn't mean you're fully protected. Homeowners insurance protects homeowners. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn't extend protection to tenants. That means you're not covered if something happens to the house or apartment you're renting. That's where renters insurance becomes beneficial. Renters insurance gives you the protection you need when you're a renter. If you're not sure you need to add renters insurance to your insurance bundle yet, read the list below. Here are some ways your renter's insurance can help you out in an emergency.  

Replace Your Personal Property

If you haven't bought renters insurance yet, your property isn't protected. That means you could lose everything in an emergency such as a fire or flood. Your landlord will have their belongings covered by their homeowner's policy. That's why you need your own protection. That's where renters insurance steps in. Renters insurance will replace all the belongings you lose in a fire or flood. It will also cover your loss if your belongings get stolen during a break-in. 

Avoid the High Cost of Liability

If you like to entertain, you need to worry about liability claims. If someone gets injured while they're visiting, you could end up facing a liability claim. You might think that injuries will get covered by your landlord's home insurance policy. That's not necessarily the case. If someone gets injured due to your negligence, you could be liable for those injuries. If you don't have renters insurance, you could be forced to pay those expenses by yourself. That's why renters insurance is so beneficial. Renters insurance will cover the expenses related to accident claims. That includes medical bills, legal fees, and property replacement. 

Enjoy Protection While Traveling

If you travel for work or pleasure, now's the time to buy renter's insurance. You might not know that renters insurance protection extends to your travels. You never know when your belongings will get damaged or stolen while you're traveling. Without the right protection, you'll need to use your own money to replace those belongings. You won't have to deal with that expense when you have renters insurance. That's because renters insurance will replace your belongings for you. 

Get Help With Additional Living Expenses

If an emergency situation displaces you and your family, you need to worry about living expenses. Unfortunately, you might not be able to move back into your rental house or apartment right away. That's where renters insurance comes in handy. Renter's insurance will cover your emergency living expenses. Those expenses include hotel accommodations, food, and other costs associated with emergency housing.

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