Insurance: A Guide for the Masses

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Do You Need Car Insurance? Consider The Risks Before Going Without

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If the car you drive is not worth a lot of money, you might wonder if you need to buy an auto insurance policy for protection. Many people wonder this, but there is an answer that is always true. You should always buy car insurance if you want to drive a car, and you can learn more about the reasons for this by considering the risks. Here are the risks you take if you drive a car without insurance. Read More»

Auto Insurance for Pickup Trucks—Myths, Facts, and Figures

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You have your sights set on a nice pickup truck to add to your automobile collection. However, you may have heard a few myths surrounding getting auto insurance to cover these larger vehicles. Here is a look at some of those common myths surrounding insurance for pickup trucks, the facts you should know, and a few figures that can help give you insight.  Myth: Insuring a pickup truck is always higher than insuring a regular car. Read More»

Need Car Insurance? Two Tips To Get The Best Quote

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When you need car insurance the name of the game is to get the most coverage at the most affordable price. Your insurance protects against the risks you face each time you make even the smallest trip so while it’s extremely important to have it, you don’t want the premium so high that you run the risk of lapsing due to a lack of finances. Your current policy might be up for renewal and you’re facing an increase or you are getting a new vehicle and want to find out how much you will need to set aside for your next insurance plan. Read More»